Sky under surveillance

Weather radar for hail storms detection and sky observation
Low cost X-band weather radar.

Buy now your own weather radar Skydetect® !

Applications :

  • Agriculture - Anti-hail protection for crop, greenhouses...
  • Automobile - Anti-hail protection of car parks
  • Aviation - Meteorological observation and planes detection
  • Oil platform - Precipitation and thunderstorms detection
  • Scientific laboratory - Meteorological / Flying object observation
  • Local authorities - Flood prevention

If you are a farmer:
With our weather radar and Skydetect meteorological analysis software using artificial intelligence algorithm, you can detect hail storms and start your anti-hail protection equipment in order to avoid damages on your crop.
If you want to observe the sky:
Our X-band radar allows you to detect clouds to know exactly the local weather but you can also detect all flying objects as small planes, helicopters, gliders, in a radius of 30km.
You work in PDI for a car factory :

Avoid car bodies damages due to hailstones is a prority for your company. Damages on several thousand of cars can entails huge financial consequences.
Our weather radar coupled to anti-hail protection system can protect your cars.